Promote Wellbeing

Školský rok 2021/2022


Projekt: Promote Wellbeing

“Promote Wellbeing” strategic partnership project started 1. 4. 2022 with an online meeting. Partners reviewed the upcoming project mobilities in Kosice, Diyarbakir, Craiova and Amsterdam.

The “Promote Wellbeing” project addressed teachers’ digital transformation and readiness by creating an innovative platform for sustainable development. Teachers increased their competence in mind games during the project and included these games in their school curriculum.

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The project is held in coordination with the Spojená Skola Sv. Kosickych Mucenikov in partnership with;
Internationale Arbeidsvereniging,
Liceul Tehnologic Transporturi Cai Ferate Craiova,
Özel Di̇yarbakir Ti̇caret Sanayi̇ Odasi Mesleki̇ Ve Tekni̇k Anadolu Lisesi.

Foto: Prvé online stretnutie účastníkov projektu

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